I made this page because I feel I should tell something about my trip. However, I am having mixed feelings about sharing my motivations.

On the one hand,  what I am doing is quite unusual. A small minority of people tend to choose cycling as their main activity during holidays. A minority of those cyclists choose a mountainous route, because climbing is hard work. And a minority of that minority choose to do this hard work in the remote backcountry, surrounded by few services and lots of wild animals that are able to kill you without batting an eye.

On the other hand, what I am doing is not special at all. I am taking my time: a couple of months. There are people that tackle this route in under twenty days. There are people that take over twenty days (like, 23 days — still amazing!!) but on a single speed bicycle (imagine that!). There are people that do it on a unicycle. There are people who take this route as a snack on their way towards other destinations. There are people not on this route, but on their way through even more remote areas.

So who am I kidding to demand your attention and tell you all about my “epic” trip? Really, it is nothing special. I am just taking off for three months. Anyone can do it, and that includes YOU. So, what are you waiting for?